Family and business photography Melbourne

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Anywhere! We can discuss locations in our pre-shoot briefing and find the perfect spot indoors or outdoors. My studio in Brighton East is a beautiful space full of natural light, and it’s warm and cosy in winter. Parking is easy too. For corporate headshots, I can come to your place of work or you to my studio, whichever is easier.

Family shoots usually take 1-2 hours, but there’s no time pressure. Headshots vary, but allow 30 mins – 1 hour. Most clients bring a change of outfit, and I allow plenty of time for everyone to relax into it.

That’s why you come to a professional! My job is to make you relax and feel at ease, or I wouldn’t be a good photographer. We take our time, and I give you plenty of tips and tricks so you feel and look great in front of the camera.

Whatever you feel comfortable on. Think about the type of image you want to portray – formal, professional, relaxed, casual? Try to avoid black and big prints if possible. I suggest one change of clothes per person, 2-3 for newborns.

Changing clothes can create different moods and styles, which can look great, plus it creates a natural break in the shoot too.

If you normally wear glasses, yes please! This captures the real you.

Around 1 week after our photo shoot, I’ll invite you to view the photos on a big screen at my studio, or I can email you a link. I can help you decide how you want to transform your chosen images into high-quality artwork. Prior to the photoshoot, you’ll receive a list of all my products and prices, so there are no hidden surprises.

It depend what we’ve agreed. Most families visit the studio for a slideshow of images on the big screen. All the presentation options are on display at the studio so it makes it easy for you to choose what suits your taste. For corporate headshots I upload through Dropbox.

Well yes, within reason. I can remove blemishes and soften fine lines, and enhance your best features. Fixing hair is difficult, so please make sure you’re happy with your hairstyle.

Of course. Most people want to see their favourite images on the wall and you’ll receive the matching digital file of all images that go to print. There may be extras that you love but don’t want to print and I can give you single or multiple file prices.

Once we’ve agreed on the images and products, I will retouch and prepare the files and send them to the framer. I receive the finished work around 2 weeks later. You can either come to my studio to collect them, or I can bring to your home or place of work. I even offer an artwork hanging service. Just mention it during our briefing session.

Family photoshoots Melbourne

A common question! Dads are often reluctant, but it only takes an hour and there’s normally a lot of laughing and giggling, so they relax into it and enjoy themselves. If all else fails, try bribery…

Anytime just after a nap or a feed! When they are at their most alert and awake.

Don’t worry, sometimes kids can be shy or not in the right mood, or need some time to trust me. Often I get the Mums and Dads to pull funny faces behind me. I have 4 kids of my own, and I’ve been a primary school parent for 18 years. I know some little games and fun things to do, and I’m patient!

Often bringing a favourite toy adds personality, as well as comfort and familiarity for your child.

Of course, it’s a great idea but please bring snacks that are easy to eat quickly (no lollipops please) and don’t make a mess of outfits, like chocolate or cheezels.

Please feed them well before the photo session and try to reserve snacks for after-wards as a reward, so they aren’t chewing and munching during some of the best shots! We’ll keep snacks hidden and may use them but hopefully they’ll be having so much fun in their hour photoshoot they won’t even notice!

Business photoshoots Melbourne

Anywhere! I can come to your place of work, or meet in location around Melbourne (cafes and coffee shops are popular), but I can work on location anywhere in Melbourne, or I have a light-filled relaxed shopfront studio in Brighton East.

Of course. All my kit, lights and backdrops are fully transportable, and I’ve done this many, many times.

I can help source locations for shoots, if you feel your office environment doesn’t quite work. My light-filled shopfront studio in Brighton East is available, or I have a list of suitable locations I’ve used before.

Of course. I transfer ownership of the images to you upon payment of the images. You are free to use them wherever you’d like. It would be fantastic if you could mention who took the photos for you too when you post!

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