Professional business headshots – the experience

What to expect

Whether we’re on location in Melbourne, in your workplace, or in my studio, I’m going to make you feel as relaxed as possible. Don’t worry, I’m a professional who’s been doing this for years. We’ll get the best confident pose from you to present to the public and your cli-ents in a polished, professional and approachable way.

Why you need a new headshot now

If you haven’t updated your professional corporate headshot in the last two years, it could start to look dated. Once you have your headshot, you can use it everywhere as your per-sonal logo (and brand). You can use it on LinkedIn, social media, your business website and place of work, proposals and email signatures, or images for keynote speakers at con-ferences, just to name a few. Personal branding is everything.

Business headshots on location or in studio can just take just 15 minutes per person.

The Process

You’ll feel more relaxed if you’re prepared for the shoot. Here’s a checklist for how to get ready:

  1. Have you chosen your outfit? If possible, neutral colours work best. Do you feel comfortable in your outfit? Can you move freely? Where will this photo be viewed – on the wall, website, printed materials?
  2. You can get your hair and make-up done, and plenty of people do, but don’t change yourself too much. I’m trying to capture the real you, and you won’t feel comfortable if it’s unfamiliar.
  3. Bring a change of outfit if you can – sometimes a different shade or top just works.
  4. Get a good night sleep the night before!

Part of being a great photographer is knowing how to pose people and direct them to do so without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. Nobody wants to stand there flat-footed not knowing what to do with their hands! I’ll show you how to position your body in front of the camera, and ensure you look relaxed, friendly and approachable.

Lighting and backgrounds will be simple, uncluttered and flattering.
Your portraits will show the heart of your personality and brand.

The shoot itself could take between 15 minutes and half a day, depending on what kind of session we’ve agreed upon. Individual headshots can take just 15 minutes, team photos take around 30 minutes and often a half day can include set up on site and a variety of in-dividual, team and product or services shots. This may involve patients or models to make the look and feel authentic.

Within 48 hours of the photo session, I will upload the series of images for you to select your favourites. The number will depend on what was included in the brief and quote. The final selection of images will be retouched and prepared for use. You can normally expect to see the final retouched images within a week.

I’ll upload your images to Dropbox for you to download.

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