A professional photographer since 2000, Karen launched her Brighton East studio in 2010. Since then Karen Wilson Photography has distinguished itself as an inviting, comfortable space that produces a stunning array of family and professional portraits.

What a professional photographer does

Everyone has thousands of photos of themselves and their families but you can take a million selfies and never once get a picture of the real you. Ironically, true portraits are rarer than ever before.

At Karen Wilson Photography, we create portraits. Portraits that show not just how you look but who you really are, and what you mean to each other.

Karen knows the process doesn’t end until the portraits are printed or up online. She understands setup and planning, execution and post-production variables. Karen works throughout to minimise drama and maximise efficiency and quality.

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We believe that every family should have at least one portrait that they can share with friends and family. A portrait your children will someday share with their own family and say with pride: "this is us."

Enjoy the experience, and the results

As a mother of four children-Flynn, Mikey, Pip and Minnie-Karen knows all about chaos. And she knows how to navigate that chaos to find and photograph the charms and joys that make your family unique.

It's all about timing

We have a fully-equipped indoor studio, but we are known for the fun and vibrant images we create at the many favourite locations Karen has found in the local parks and beaches she has explored with  families over the years. Of course, she is always eager to use the locations that are meaningful to your family.

Karen knows, as only a mother can, that nap times are deeply important. She works with you and your children, and around their sleep times, to ensure she gets them at their best.

Comprehensive photographic service

We like to keep things uncomplicated, traditional and personalised. Each portrait is designed to suit your home, your style, your family. We have a wide range of finishes from our hand-stretched canvas to our sleek acrylic panels and our very own range of rustic and gallery frame timbers.

There are many options to suit most budgets and there is no high pressure selling involved. Karen Wilson Photography is not the 'hard-sell,' intimidating atmosphere of a shopping mall franchise; it's a place where you can comfortably bring your children and plan your portrait session.


A good photographer knows how to use her equipment and how to create a professional headshot, but a great photographer also brings a deep appreciation of how to capture an organisation’s culture.

Great photos are just the start

A good photographer knows how to use her equipment and how to create a professional headshot, but a great photographer also brings a deep appreciation of how to capture an organisation’s culture. She knows how, and when, to take control of the photography without disrupting business.

Through years of experience, I've learned that a photographer's ability to put everyone at ease is as important as the ability to use the equipment itself. Ultimately, when you can relax and trust your photographer, you are comfortable, and you look your best.

'Shoot and burn' is not my style

I want to be your family photographer. I work with couples who become families who become friends. My business model is based on building enduring partnerships with my clients; a trusted family photographer to commemorate your family milestones for years to come.

Invest in memories

I invite you to the studio for a chat. Let's discuss what you are hoping for and how we can work together to ensure your wedding memories are admired by your friends, cherished by your family and treasured by your grandchildren.

Get in touch about via our enquiry form.


Karen Wilson has provided thousands of portraits for many of Melbourne’s most successful professionals and organisations. Karen collaborates with you to ensure your portrait conveys an immediate sense of who you are and what you do best.

Here to make the process painless

Yes, you need a professional photo. Your portrait makes or breaks your client's first impressions. When done well, it offers a connection before you even meet them. If your brand looks compromised, expect clients who expect to pay as little as possible. Communicate quality and you will attract customers who value quality.

You are a unique individual who has established a business, who is running a business, who is working to improve a business. These things take time and effort. Show it.

Professional. Affordable. Dependable.

Karen uses the highest quality cameras, lighting and post-production software available. Your photos will be optimised for your website, promotional materials or LinkedIn profiles. Perfect for busy professionals who want professional images and an immediate turn around.

Half day rates start at $800. Full day rates from $1500. Headshots from $95 per person.

For more information please get in touch via our enquiry form.


This is the third time we have used Karen to photograph our family. Whether it is because she remembers to bring the bread for the kids to feed the ducks or because she provides a warm and safe environment in her studio, I don't know, but the results are always fantastic! This time at the screening I actually shed a tear, she just got it so right!
The Wallingtons

Karen's photography skills have been a great asset to my business. A professional photo shoot can be very daunting but her relaxed nature helps you feel comfortable and get the most out of the shoot. Seeing what she could do I have also worked with her on commercial projects and for a family photo shoot too. Her work always exceeds my expectations. I would highly recommend her for your small business, commercial and family photographer!
Rebecca Jane Styling

Karen has done an amazing job taking photos for our furniture business. We've had some problems in the past capturing the right tone of wood and she managed to nail it. Very professional, accommodated all of our requests and timelines. Thanks Karen, you're great to work with and looking forward to future projects together- Bayres Design
Bayres Design

*Karen Wilson Photography has such an eye for detail. Her portraits and the work she creates are stunningly good and she really makes you feel at ease during the shoot. She's seriously such a talent! I would strongly recommend Karen Wilson Photography.
Renae Mckinnon, Wolf Of the Willows.